About us

The Begining of our Career

We're a new family music industry, becomeing friends with our neighbors, and keeping a well known relationship with our friends and families. We are brand new at making new kinds of music, have been trying to make it music friendly to all kinds of listener. 
Right now we all attend Job Corps making a difference in our lives. we strive everyday on making it better for ourselves and others. trying to find subscribers and more views. come help us out if you want we are open for helpers anytime just contact us. 
As soon as we build enough savings we can buy proper equipment to make the kind of music you all want. We are making music from our phones using voice memos. Times are hard right now we use everything that comes our way. thank you for taking your time reading this. 
Jeremiah Leadingham
Curtis May
Lissy Mier
Music Manager Roles - Artist Management
Christopher Pickens
Producer & Artist